CVE-2016-9565 and CVE-2016-9566

01 Nov 2017 | permalink

A few few weeks ago two CVEs have been announced for the Nagios core and Nagios webinterface. Since Naemon inherits some code of Nagios, people might wonder if Naemon is also affected by those issues.


This is an issue with the Nagios webinterface which never made it into the Naemon codebase since we use Thruk as default web interface. So this issue simply doesn’t exist in Naemon.

Details about CVE-2016-9565


This issue uses the fact that systemV init scripts start the Nagios process as root and then the process itself drops privileges and continues as normal user. Naemon inherited that issue so you might be affected.

However, you are not affected by this issue if you run Naemon either in OMD-Labs or on any Systemd based system like the OP5 Monitor.

We are working on a fix right now and there will be a new release soon.

Details about CVE-2016-9566