Release 0.8.0

14 Feb 2014 | permalink

Almost half a year after we started this project we can now announce the first release.

The version 0.8.0 is a stable release, which means it does not contain any known critical issues. It’s not a 1.x release yet because we felt like it’s a good idea to be able to change APIs before a final 1.x release. That said, the 0.8.0 is probably lot more stable than its predecessor.

We tried to make getting started as easy and convenient as possible, so there are binary downloads for common linux systems and source rpms available. Unless you have good reasons, you really should go for the binary releases - they are build to just work.

We spend a lot of time to build tests and fix the most critical bugs of Nagios 4. There is a list of active issues in the known issues page. It’s not yet completed and we have to walk through all issues and decide whether Naemon is affected or not.

Naemon is a community project. So if you like this project, talk about it - or even better, help make it better. See the community page on how you can help.

Now continue to the download section or check out the changelog for a detailed list of changes.