Stable release

Latest stable release: 1.0.8, released 16 Jul 2018

We have build binary packages for several versions of RedHat/CentOS, Debian, SLES, and Ubuntu which are available via the Consol repository. After the repository has been setup, you just have to install the naemon package with your package manager.

The binary packages can also be downloaded here:

Redhat Redhat 7
Redhat 6
CentOS CentOS 7
CentOS 6
12 SP2
12 SP1
11 SP3
11 SP4
Debian 10 Buster
9 Stretch
8 Jessie
Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic
17.10 Artful
16.04 Xenial
14.04 Trusty
Fedora fc28

Source tarball and source RPM packages can be downloads here.

Development snapshot

For new user, we recommend you grab one of our nightly binary snapshots. You can also build yourself from source.

Travis-CI core build status: Build Status
Travis-CI suite build status: Build Status

openSuse Build Service

There are daily builds available for recent platforms at the obs home:naemon:daily project

Binary packages

We build nightly packages for several versions of CentOS/RedHat, Debian, SLES, and Ubuntu. First install the Consol testing repository, and then install the naemon package with your package manager.


Download the latest development source code from github.

Getting started

See the getting started document in the users guide.